Fixing Antarctica

Mapping the Frozen South

Mapping the Frozen South – by Lynette Finch

Fixing Antarctica is the first full biography of Sydney Lorrimar Kirkby. Syd Kirkby has explored and mapped more unknown regions in the world than any other person in history. Told through interviews with his contemporaries, personal diaries and the diaries of other Antarctic explorers, this account establishes Kirkby in his rightful place as one of the great polar explorers.  Click here for more details


Welcome to Adventure Associates

Greg, Sue & Henrik

Some of you may know me as the former owner of Aurora Expeditions, which was my wife Margaret’s and my passion for more than 20 years.

After a few years of semi-retirement in the quiet of the Blue Mountains, we found that we missed the contact with like-minded travellers and the satisfaction that came from seeing people transformed by their experiences.

It’s been 40 years since Dennis Collaton first dreamed up Adventure Associates in 1973. More recently Mike continued the Adventure Associates tradition, further pushing the boundaries of adventure travel. Since that time all of you who have travelled with Adventure Associates and stayed in contact over the years, know that the company has always been a pioneer in this regard.

Sue, Henrik and I plan to continue Dennis’ and Mike’s vision by creating, and in some cases, leading, tours for small groups to some of our world’s most extraordinary places. Passion, integrity and going ‘beyond the ordinary’ are the values that have made Adventure Associates such a long-standing success, and we aim to honour them.

We’re delighted that Robyn Smith, who many of you will know has had a long-standing association with Adventure Associates, will take on the role of Travel Manager for the company. Through our partnership with Robyn’s specialist agency Movidas, we’ll continue Adventure Associates’ original focus on South America and Antarctica; as well as getting back to the company’s roots of offering small group expeditions to extraordinary places on all seven continents.

Frontiers of travel continue to open and in this, the company’s 40th anniversary year, there is still much of the planet to explore.

We hope you will continue to stay in touch. We have some exciting plans coming up and would love for you to travel and experience more of the world with us.

Yours sincerely,


Greg Mortimer

Introducing our New Website


Well hello there, and welcome to the new Adventure Associates website.  We’re in the process of tidying up and moving some stuff around, so keep checking in, you never know what you’ll see next!

As always we’d love to chat to you about your next epic adventure, so hit us up via the Contact Page and we’ll happily chat through with you where you’d like to go and how we can make that happen!!