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Your gateway to South America

Your gateway to South America, Argentina is the home of the Tango, the Gaucho, soccer fever, a rich multitude of natural attractions and the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires. It is along with Chile, the most European of South American countries, an intriguing hybrid of Spanish, Italian, German and other immigrants, together with smaller indigenous populations. The total population is around 34 million.

As the eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina has an enormous range of landscapes - from sub-tropical jungles in the north, the high Andes to the west, the vast central Pampas grasslands and the cold Patagonian glaciers and deserts in the south. Iguazu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, form the widest and most spectacular in the world.

The rugged north-west deserts offer fascinating native cultures. The stunning Lakes District, bordering Chile in the south, is renowned throughout the world for its spectacular mountains, glaciers, lakes and forests. On the coast of southern Patagonia you find Peninsula Valdes, with its enormous Magellanic penguin rookeries. Around Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, on the island of Tierra del Fuego, are spectacular mountains and forests of southern beech, remnants of the super-continent of Gondwana. From here you can join one of our cruises to Antarctica, with its even more amazing penguin rookeries!

Argentina will delight you with its gracious cities, fine food and wines, vibrant music and culture, the Tango and of course, with its many natural beauties. Come and discover Argentina with us!

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