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From the mad passion of Carnival
to the immensity of Amazonia.

Larger than Australia and by far the largest country in South America, with a population of 160 million, Brazil's enormity encompasses such an incredible diversity of landscapes and people that it makes it hard to know where to begin. It is a country apart, due to its Portuguese heritage and multicultural mix of native peoples, Europeans, Africans and even Japanese.

From the primordial Amazon jungle, the vast Savannah grasslands, the wildlife-rich Mato Grosso and Pantanal, enormous Iguassu Falls, legendary beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema,amazing Rio de Janeiro and the vibrant Carnival and Samba rhythm - Brazil captures the imagination more than any other South American country. The Amazon River is the world's largest and Amazonia contains 30% of the world's remaining forest. We have many different cruises and lodge stays in this region - refer to our special Amazon section. For viewing wildlife, the Pantanal in the south of Brazil offers even better opportunities than the Amazon.

Whilst spectacular Rio is certainly the most popular destination, there are many other cities well worth a visit, from the historic charm of places like Ouro Preto, Olinda and Parati, exotic Salvador da Bahia, the Amazon cities of Belem and Manaus, the futuristic capital, Brasilia, to the huge megalopolis of Sao Paulo. Ask us for more information about what is perhaps the most exciting country in South America.

Beach Sao Paulo

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