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A country of startling contrasts and extreme beauty

Chile, a beautiful, varied country both incredibly long and narrow. With an intricate coastline of an amazing 6,435 kilometres along South America's western side, its average width is just 160 kilometres. One can find deserts, swamps, forests, beautiful lakes, rich agricultural regions, ski resorts, beach resorts, volcanoes, glaciers and a wide variety of plants and animals. The majestic Andes Mountains run the entire length of the country and are visible virtually everywhere.

Chile has been called the Switzerland of South America for its natural beauty. The population is around 14 million and is mostly of European descent living in urban areas. Chileans are amongst the friendliest people in South America and enjoy a modern lifestyle with a very high standard of living. Food is a highlight - with exceptional seafood and world-class wines.

The capital, Santiago, is an elegant city set in spectacular mountain surroundings, with a mixture of colonial and modern buildings and offers plenty of attractions for the visitor. Other highlights of the country include Lauca National Park near Bolivia, site of Lake Chungara, highest in the world, the incomparable Chilean Fjords, the beautiful Lakes District shared with Argentina, southern Patagonia with many spectacular areas such as Laguna San Rafael and Paine Towers National Park. Of course, there is also mysterious Easter Island with its giant Moai statues - the world's most remote inhabited island - which represents an alternative route to South America. Let us show you one of our favourite countries - Chile!

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