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Latin America

Latin America & Galapagos

Discover Central and South America.

As soon as you step foot on Latin American soil, the transformation begins, it’s a continent that engulfs you and changes you – your state of mind, your outlook on life.

Our Adventure Associates travelers love Latin America as it’s a place that excites, thrills, challenges and infuriates. Our travel focuses on immersing you in World Heritage colonial towns from Nicaragua to Argentina, the origin of wildlife captured in the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon basin, astounding endless Andean vistas from Machu Picchu to Patagonia, exploring the jungles of Costa Rica to the thundering and magnificent Iguazu Falls or just sitting back, sipping on a fine wine while watching and listening to a Latino rhythm.

As this huge continent stretches over both hemispheres you can comfortably travel year-round, as there really isn't 'a best time to travel'.



Good year-round: in winter (Jun-Aug) a pleasant daytime average temperature falling to lower (5°c) of an evening. In summer(Jan-Mar) mid twenties during the day down to 16°c at night.


Year-round, best time between October to April. Extremely cold during winter - June to August.


Best time to experience the region at its best - November to March.


Best time to visit – April to October. Wet season in summer- December to March, hot and humid Jan/Feb.

PERU (Inca-Trail)

Year-round- Best time to visit April to October. Wet season - January to March. Inca Trail, generally closed during February.

AMAZON JUNGLE (Peru, Ecuador,Brazil)

Year-round – best time April to October (may rain at any time and nights can often be cool). Wet season during summer – December to March, hot and humid.


Birds and wildlife year-round and will differ with each season’s movements. Best time – June to October (winter- be prepared for sudden changes in weather and evenings can be cold). Wet season- December to April with hot, heavy rains and flooding in the lowlands.


Year-round. Despite their sub-tropical location on the equator, the cold waters of the Humbolt Current surround the islands keeping temperatures pleasant. The Galapagos has two main seasons – December to June (warm , hot and humid January-March). July to November – more wind, cooler, mainly dry, with some misty drizzle.


Best time – winter mid December to late March, the driest time of year. Summer, April to November is the rainy season, with a risk of hurricanes June-November. While all of Central America lies within the tropics, there is a lot of regional variation in climate. Lowlands are hot and humid. Higher altitudes have spring-like weather, with cooler evenings.


Year-round. The wet season is May to October, with the coastal zones receiving the most rain. Temperatures tend to be hot and humid along the coast, with cooler temperatures inland from December to February.

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