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From the mountains to the jungle

At the top of South America, Venezuela is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a country of diverse natural beauty, from the snow-capped peaks of the northern end of the Andes, the strangely beautiful table-topped mountains of the “tepuis”, Amazon jungle lowlands and coconut-fringed white sand beaches along the Caribbean. Venezuela boasts Angel Falls - the world's highest, the famous Orinoco River and Lake Maracaibo, the continent's largest. The country supports a rich flora and fauna, including jaguar, ocelot, tapir, armadillo and anaconda.

The capital, Caracas, is a bustling modern city which retains just a little of its colonial roots, including its 17th-century cathedral; Casa Simón Bolívar, Santa Capilla, a 19th-century neo-Gothic church modelled on Sainte Chapelle in Paris, Palacio de Miraflores and the Petares district. Other points of interest include the charming Cuidad Bolívar near the mouth of the Orinoco, the rustic town of Mérida, nestled in the Andes near Pico Bolívar, the country's highest peak. Isla Margarita, in the Caribbean, is a popular beach holiday destination and on the coast, the town of Coro will charm you with some of the best colonial architecture in Venezuela.

El Barrio, Caracas Parrotts

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