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National Geographic Expedition Cruises

National Geographic Expedition Cruises

Discover the World aboard 'The Explorer'

Why you should travel with us

Venturing to the ends of the earth takes experience - and Adventure Associates has been turning travellers into explorers for more than 35 years. Although we can think of thousands of reasons to travel with us on your next expedition, we've narrowed them down to the top ten to help you in your travel decisions.

  1. The world's most interesting destinations.
  2. Expeditions, not just cruises
  3. Thoughtfully planned itineraries
  4. Engaging experts
  5. Our undersea program
  6. Flexibility, spontaneity and freedom
  7. The world's more interesting guests
  8. Find food and accommodations
  9. Relaxed and informal atmosphere
  10. Respect for our world.

Travelling on a National Geographic Society (NGS) expedition enables you to participate in the world of natural and cultural history as an engaged, active explorer who care about the planet.

Pioneer on an innovative program to remote and pristine destinations around the globe. On board, guests interact with world-renowned scientists, naturalists and researchers and uncover stunning natural environments alongside skilled specialists utilising state-of-the-art exploration tools.

What these expeditions offer

The ships become a platform for enhancing the expedition experience for all guests by including National Geographic experts, photographers, visits to field sites of National Geographic-funded grantees, forums on board around current events and world issues, and participation by fellowship-funded teachers of geography and other subjects.

Exclusive marine partners - Beginning in 2008, National Geographic Expeditions will work solely with LEX on marine itineraries to create and deliver exceptional expeditions that feature NGS experts and educational programs.

Expedition technology including bow cameras, ROVs, kayaks, undersea cameras, hydrophones, video-microscopes, crittercams or a range of new tools for exploration.

Continued support of conservation and sustainability initiatives through an advisory panel of world-class researchers, scientists and explorers, including oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle and Greg Marshall, Executive Producer and Director of National Geographic's Remote Imaging Program. NGS and LEX have also established a fund to support science and conservation groups working to better understand the world's remaining special places.

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National Geographic was founded more than a century ago based on the aspirations of individuals who wanted to see and understand the world, and share their knowledge with as many people as possible. Together with Lindblad, we are enhancing opportunities for research and discovery for Lindblad guests and everyone who cares about the planet.
John Fahey,
president and CEO,
National Geographic Society

Macchu Picchu

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