Ross Sea

The ultimate Antarctic Voyage. Voyage to the very heart of Antarctica. The Ross Sea is one of the most remote regions and is only accessible for a few months each year when the ice thaws. It is the historic gateway, discovered by Sir James Clark Ross in 1842, it was to the Ross Sea region that many of the most famous explorers and adventurers came. They included Borchgrevink, Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen, Richard Byrd, Sir Edmund Hillary and others.

The historic huts in the region capture the history of these explorers and their achievements. The Ross Sea region is the breeding ground for millions of Adelie and Emperor penguins and we have regular encounters with both these species. New Zealand, America and Italy maintain scientific bases in the Ross Sea and welcome the few visitors that come each year. The Ross Sea Expeditions include Subantarctic Auckland, Campbell and Macquarie Island where we have permits for landing.